I'm Subodh Dahal

Software Engineer, Automation Enthusiast,
Hobbyist Photographer & Avid Ponderer

From 🇳🇵, based in 🇩🇪

About me

Subodh Dahal

Hi! I'm Subodh Dahal, an experienced software engineer with a strong passion for technology and a growing interest in Large Language Models (LLMs).

Originally from Nepal, I've been in Germany since 2016, where I earned a Master's in Information Engineering, specializing in Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning.

Over a decade, I've become skilled in various programming languages like Python, Javascript, Typescript, NodeJS, and PHP. I have a successful track record of delivering innovative solutions.

As a team lead and mentor, I prioritize effective communication and teamwork for success. I'm dedicated to making technology accessible and supporting the open-source community.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring nature, photography, and diving into science fiction for inspiration.